Have you ever run into a situation where you are trying to write a quick unit test using Visual Studio 2008 with Team Explorer setup
and when you try to execute that test using Visual Studio and you see the following error:

MSTest Error

Well here is a quick fix to resolve this issue if you. Force a connection to occur between Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server by
either clicking on Team Explorer Tool Window or open Source Control Explorer.
I’ve seen a few article written on this issue and it almost seems as though having a newer version of Visual Studio 2010 with it’s components might have
caused this issue.


Let the fun begin

March 22, 2009

Welcome to my new blog. There is already a ton of different resources for the Microsoft C# programming language but I decided to create a space of my own so I can share some of my personal experiences.
I have been doing development using C# since 2002. I have developed many different applications both Web and Windows Forms. Each platform has its own benefits and pitfalls but it would not be any fun if it was any different.
I am hoping that through this blog I can share some of those issues and document some of the solutions that I came up with.

Let the fun begin.